Jun 04 2012

Saugus/Lynn area: Cat suffers BB wound causing fracture

Never is my practice would I consider a fracture caused by a pellet/BB gun shot, but last week we had been running some routine x-rays for a limping cat only to be surprised to find a pellet or BB still in the muscle of Mooch. After examining the x-rays further we were able to determine that when Mooch was shot that the gun had actually severely fractured this cat’s femur. As a result of a pellet or BB gun this family has been caused to scramble to come up with a sum of money to have a surgery that should have never happened. In fact, the family cannot pursue surgical repair at this time. They are faced to hope the fracture will heal on its own. I can only urge parents to teach children of the dangers of pellet guns. Kids having a BB/pellet guns should know the proper use of the gun and understand that the threat of that gun is tragic. Mooch will live with this pellet and possibly a fractured femur as a result of careless parenting. If anyone would like to help in this huge epidemic then please share this, this is not the only cat that has had this incident happen. It was just a few months ago that a cat in Melrose was actually shot and killed by neighborhood kids “just playing” with pellet guns. These guns are not toys.


Dr. Duca

Here are some photos of some other animals that have suffered pellet wounds.

This cat has been shot about 30 times through out the body.

This cat eye had been shot by a pellet gun.

This is an example of what these pellet guns look like.

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