Jun 26 2012

Is your dog nervous around Fireworks or Thunder and Lightning?

Here at Animal Center we are concerned about everyone’s holiday weekend and this includes our four legged friends! Coming up this summer is fireworks, thunder storms, loud cars, and loads of socialization. If your dog happens to be one of the many who has a hard time adjusting to change. If your dog seems more shy and worried about its enviorment we may have a cure! DAP is something to consider for a variety of canine behavior problems. This could be anything from stressful car rides, to meeting new people or animals. Some dogs are just naturally nervous, DAP could help with that too. DAP comes in many different products. There are collars, diffusers, and also a spray. DAP is a synthetic version of this pheromone, called Dog Appeasing Pheromone. The DAP collar is an easy to use, non-toxic, with no side effects product. It is used widely through out veterinary facilities and in clients homes. It has been noticed to significantly reduce negative reactions to noises, separation anxiety and even the dreaded marking!
You can purchase yours here at our office for just $18.49 +tax for the small and $24.49 +tax for the medium-large.

DAP collar - $18.49 +tax One size fits all

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