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Dr. Duca

Education: University of Minnesota, College of Agriculture 1973 & University of Minnesota, College of Veterinary Medicine 1977
Hometown: Racine, Wisconsin
Pets: Six Cats, One Dog, and Six Birds.

Doctor Duca grew up in Racine, Wisconsin with his family. Once he completed high school he decided to go to the University of Minnesota, College of Agriculture in 1973 where he majored in Nutrition.

In 1977 Dr. Duca continued his education at the University of Minnesota, College of Veterinary Medicine. He is continuously looking for new updates in veterinary medicine using seminars hosted by other doctors and technicians throughout the world.

When Dr. Duca is not working, he is enjoying a variety of different activities including: sailing, surf fishing, and taking care of his koi pond. Although Doctor Duca grew up in Wisconsin he has a serious love for Boston sports teams especially the Red Sox.

Veterinary Technician

Katie has been a Veterinary Technician since 2005 after attending Mount Ida College, and also has her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Suffolk University.

She has always had a passion for helping animals and has worked in various aspects of the veterinary field such as general practice and research.

She has a black and white 4 year old pit bull named Archie at home and is a big advocate of raising awareness about the breed, and other breeds that are most misunderstood.

Veterinary Assistant

 Amy has an associates degree from North Shore Community College in Animal Care. She has been working with animals since 2008.

She shares her home with 2 children, 2 dogs, and 2 cats.

Animal Team

Stormy – African Gray

Stormy came to us as an owner surrender and has settled in well. He did come with some self-destructive behaviors such as feather plucking, but we are working to stop that behavior and get some of those feathers to grow back! He shares a cage with Diane, and enjoys saying “Hello” to the patient.

Dug – Chocolate Lab

Dug – Chocolate Lab

Dug is one of Dr. Duca’s 3 labs, but he is the only one that comes to work with him every day. He loves to hang out with the staff, run outside and play ball.

If a treat is ever left in the exam room from another dog that didn’t eat it, he will be sure to bark and let us know he wants it!

Brighton and Braker – Sun Conure

They both love to play with their toys and hide in the cage together. You never see one without the other, they are always side by side.  They both let everyone in the office know when someone pulls in the parking lot.

Diane – South African Grey

Diane is our 16 year old African gray she has been with us since 2004. We consider Diane to be the joker of the family, Diane will mock just about anything from ring tones, theme songs, crashing bomb sound effects, to Dr. Duca’s voice.

There had been times Dr. Duca had been out of the office and Diane would mock Dr. Duca’s voice so perfectly you’d guess yourself asking if it was really Dr. Duca or just Diane being silly again. Diane is definitely one of a kind! Most of our clients look forward to seeing Diane during there visits to the clinic.

Dylan – Yellow Crested Cockatoo

This rambunctious guy is about 20 years old and still gets into so much trouble! He really is a handful, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Dylan is extremely smart and loves to show you by sneaking out of his cage.

He has successfully figured out how to open all the doors in his cage and even likes to free Diane from her cage too! There have been many times were i have found the two of them caught red handed escaping from their cages. Dylan is not much of a flyer but he definitely gets himself around by skipping with his feather fluffed up. He loves oranges and cheez-it’s.

CJ – Domestic Short Hair Cat

CJ- Domestic Short Hair Cat
CJ is Dr. Duca’s right hand man! He was born with a crooked neck and has a mild head tilt to the left, but that doesn’t slow him down! He is also a diabetic that is currently in remission.

He is a very sweet boy! He also enjoys knocking everything off of our counters, including our coffee!

Vinnie – Domestic Long Hair Cat

Vinnie- Domestic Long Hair Cat
Vinnie was found on Vine Street in Saugus, and was a case of animal neglect. Now he is thriving! And loves living at our clinic.

His hobbies are eating, knocking things off counters, and stepping on the phone keypad while we are on the phone!

Mugzy – Domestic Short Hair Cat

Mugzy- Domestic Short Hair Cat
Mugzy is the cat you are less likely to see – he is more of a scaredy cat than the rest of the resident animals here! He usally can be found hanging out back.

His favorite hobby is rolling around in cat nip on floor!

Bubba – Meyer’s Parrot

Bubba – Meyer’s Parrot
Bubba is very friendly and loves to have a head scratch from the staff. He also loves to hitch a ride on Dr. Duca’a shoulder!

His hobbies include taking a bath, and eating snacks!