Euthanasia is part of your caring for your pet. With advance health care, your pet can live a very long life, but sometimes the quality of life may become a question. How do you know it is time? Nobody can really answer this question. It is very personal.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • If there is pain, is it managed?
  • If there is hunger, can your pet eat well enough for life?
  • If hydration is a problem, can you manage this?
  • If hygiene is a problem, can you rectify this?
  • Does your pet express joy and interest, and not isolation?
  • How much assistance does your pet need to get around?
  • Are there more good days, than bad days?

Euthanasia provides peace and sometimes release from pain. That is ok. When you are ready, let us help. We will need to ask a few questions. Do you want to be present for this procedure? Are you ready to take your pet home afterward? Do you wish to have your pet cremated? Do you wish to have the ashes of your pet back? We utilize the services of Angel View Pet Cemetery and Crematory. You can visit them via

The Procedure: Sedation is a must. This will create a peaceful mindset. We vary this to your comfort and your pet’s comfort. The actual euthanasia is an IV injection. It is very quick. No pain is felt. The brain stops as well as the heart. Relaxation of the body occurs. Full relaxation takes several minutes. Remember during this relaxation, the brain and heart are already gone. Euthanasia provides peace and respect. For at-home euthanasia services, please visit Lap of Love via for more information. It is ok to feel loss, it is normal to grieve and hurt – Angell help hotline is a 24/7 grief support line available to call: 1 (855) 245-8214